Click 4 Fly introduces payment for flight tickets via Facebook and Twitter

Click 4 Fly has just made booking for flight tickets and payment for such tickets easier. Beside live chats with our team on Facebook and twitter, our customers can conveniently pay for their flight tickets as well through twitter and Facebook. I the recent past, we use to receive payments via telephone, PayPal and debit cards. We value a one stop shop that makes sense. You can now make payments by visiting our twitter and Facebook site through which we will send you a link to you in a private message. You will have to select a payment method and suggest how you wish to complete your transaction online. Once you make payments, one Click 4 Fly social media service agent will sent back a confirmation message confirming your payment. Should you have any query, our 150Plus social media agents will get to you in the shortest time possible. Try it with us and see how convenient it is!