Click 4 Fly Services

Click 4 Fly is populous because of its customer centered flight services and other flight related services. We are proud servers of millions of travelers in the world. We proudly offer to contention the following services to our esteemed clients just at a “click” of the mouse online:

Flight Booking Services
Click 4 Fly allows customers to book their air ticket online up on request. Customers can book domestic or international flight ticket based on availability from any airline. In addition, Click 4 Fly allows clients to book either a round trip ticket or one way trip ticket. We additionally do not limit the number of passengers per ticket while booking our ticket. While booking a flight ticket from Click 4 Fly, a customer will have to provide us with details like journey date, number of passengers, destination and source, specify whether round or one way trip and preferred airline of use among others. In addition, personal information like email address, ID number/ Passport number and phone numbers will have to be submitted during booking; a customer’s contact are only used for contact the customer and not any other reasons is attached to it.

Up on booking a flight with Click 4 Fly, our customers are sent verification forms via which should be signed by individual customers so as to fully authenticate booking. Payment for tickets follows where by a customer pays either PayPal, credit card, visa or any other means that are specified by Click 4 Fly. We will give a receipt and flight itinerary slip with a transaction numbers upon receiving your payments. We shall notify all this via your email and via SMS.

Air Ticket Booking Status
Up on booking and payment for a flight ticket at Click 4 Fly, what follows is keeping track of your booking status. Click 4 Fly will always keep you informed of your booking status. This service is also provided online on our website. To access it, a customer ought to click on the booking status and provide a reference number indicated on the itinerary slip. All the details of the flight such as departure time, airline name/number, seat number among others will be displayed to the customer. This service will as well assist customers know whether there are delays for their flights.

Flight Date Changing
Click 4 Fly allows customers to alter their flights only seven days before flight date. This service is only possible if the customer had purchased Click 4 Fly Flexibility; this allows a customer to change a flight date and time 7 days prior to a a given flight date indicated in the flight ticket booked. The service is sold at a fee upon booking so as to enhance customers to change their booking if need arises. In addition, slight changes in flight ticket prices may arise during this exercise due to changes in taxes and other administrative fee levied. Click 4 Fly does not offer flight CANCELATION services; cancellation is done by respective airlines.

Hotel and restaurant Booking
Click 4 Fly understands the great hustle and how onerous, time consuming and difficult it might be while searching a hotel in a foreign city. In fact, some travelers are robbed, pick pocketed, conned and even lured to risk spent nights at risky places because of ignorance. Because of this, Click 4 Fly is a convenient guarantor in such a mess. While booking for your flight ticket, you can as well book for a restaurant or hotel at the same time. In fact, it becomes cheaper and saves on your budget because we offer you the best alternatives of all worlds’ affordable and decent hotels and restraint. Our customer can choose to book a flight together with a hotel; which is cheaper compared to booking a hotel and a flight ticket separately.

Click 4 fly values customers needs and privacy; we shall provide you the hotel of your choice and specification at whatever destination. You do not have to worry about the rates; we have hotels of up to as low as £ 24 per night just for you. Feel secure and book a hotel with us to avoid inconveniences during your trip.

Car Hire and Rental
Would you like to rent or hire car for your personal use at your destination? Click 4 Fly will offer you the best car hire and rental deals at an affordable price; do not hesitate to request while booking. We provide all car types and models on request; you can as well hire the car for the best time period you wish. Our car hire deals are transparent and have no other costs attached. In fact if you book a car for hire with Click 4 Fly, you don’t have to pay for cancellation or amendment fee up to 48 hours before pick up time. In addition, there is no credit card fee on payment. You can do this hire online too and get a quote for your dream car for use at your destination.